Thursday, 20 March 2014

Airplants aka Tillandsias

It's the first day of spring!! Spring has sprung on the calendar but the weather in Chicago has a different agenda, it's snowing-again!! So I'm trying to bring spring inside. Today I wanted to show you some spring inspiration for your home. Have you heard of airplants aka tillandsias? They are the cutest little plants that don't require soil. They come in beautiful bright colors and luscious greens, their amazing structures almost resemble sea creatures. 

Care for your airplants
There are lots of different directions on how to care for these beautiful plants but here is what has worked best for me.

Spray2-3 times a week with a water bottle, a few spritzes will do
Soak upside down 1 time a week for 15-20 min in a bowl of water or sink
Dry them upside down for a few hours before replacing them to their holder
Don't place in direct sunlight, they need sun but not to much

Don't over soak and let dry completely. When water is left in the base of the roots it can cause the plant to rot. Spritze more in dryer temperatures especially in the winter when the heat is turned up. They can easily get dehydrated.

I found a cute little hollowed out piece of tree bark on a walk and that's what I keep one of my plants in. You can place them in any hanging holder or small vase. They can even be placed on a piece of wood and they can start taking root! 

Browsing through etsy the other day I found this cute little shop that makes little vases and hanging planters for airplants.  
Janelles workshop is based out of Wisconsin and we are just loving her little handmade ceramic vases, they come with the airplants too! She also makes some great necklaces and pillows, check her out!

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  1. If you're in the St Louis area, I recommend checking out Flowers & Weeds (in back of The Heirloom Room on Cherokee) for air plants & containers, among other cool stuff. Jessie rules!!

  2. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Larvalou!! One of our authors is in the St Louis area, we will definitely check them out! xo