Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bag It!!!

Bags are a girls best friend. Ok maybe shoes too and jewellery and clothes and hell, anything that makes us look good! Here at Midwest Girls Society, we LOVE bags! It's no lie. So I've put together some great bags we are crushing on at the moment! Enjoy! Bag yourself a bag:)

Kelly xx

1. Ecote Manzano Suede Fringe Backpack, $129.00
2. Marketa Psenickova Oversized Fold Leather Clutch, $145.00
3. Topshop Merino Holdall, $60.00
4. Rags to Richmond Clutch, AU$149.95
5. Will Leather Goods Batik Crossbody Bag, $195.00
6. Annie Williams 11" Snap, $300.00
7. Hangabag City Backpack, $74.00
8. Eye of the Sun Cheetah Clutch, $50.00
9. Leizistudios Canvas Backpack, $49.90
10. Moorea Seal Double Chain Crossbody Bag, $114.00
11. Zara Leather Shopper Rucksack, $179.00
12. Rough & Whimsy Metallic Leatherblock Clutch, $45.00

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