Monday, 24 March 2014

In the Mirror: Em Cosmetics Mascara

The you tube makeup artist Michelle Phan, created her own makeup line last summer and I’m loving her lengthening mascara right now! It has little fibers in the formula that attach to your lashes, the fibers kind of look like little hairs or lashes. Each fiber builds on top of each other, creating a longer lash. It's not waterproof but this isn't a huge selling point for me plus it makes removal easier. I usually have a few different brands of mascara in my makeup bag at any given time but this has been my fave go to lately.

It’s recommended to change your mascara every 1-2 months and I have to say that I agree. When you start to notice it’s more clumpy and not going on as smooth, it’s probably time to go. Since you can’t clean your mascara wand, it can build up bacteria and eye infections are no fun… Remember to never pump air into your mascara tube, it will dry out your product, always roll the wand lightly around the inside of tube. 

Have you used any of Michelle Phans products?

In the mirror
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