Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Favorite Paprika

Favorite Paprika

Do you enjoy smoky, sweet and savory flavors? If so you have got to try Spanish smoked, sweet paprika from the spice house. This paprika is fantastic in soups, stews, on roasted vegetable, on pork or chicken and on roasted potatoes. I just keep finding new uses for this versatile spice. I even like it on my eggs for breakfast. If you are in Chicago IL or Milwaukee WI you can visit this amazing shop. You will find everything from vanilla bean pods to a variety of spice rubs. The shop allows you to buy in whatever quantity you like or you can buy pre packed bottles. If you can't make it in just shop online
Many of the recipes I feature include this delicious spice. Try it out and discover the flavor it can add to your cooking! 

From the Harvest Table

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