Monday, 31 March 2014

Gentle finger

Call it the ring finger, delicate finger, weak finger etc. basically it has less muscular strength as the other fingers.  But this gentle finger has more importance than just showing of a shiny rock :)
The skin around your eye is susceptible to stretching, which results in wrinkles. If you’re just slapping and rubbing those creams on with your index finger or all your fingers, you are putting too much tension and pressure on the delicate area. This can not only stretch the skin but it can also break capillaries, adding to dark circles and puffiness. 
This is the same when applying any concealers and foundations. … The skin around a womans eye stops producing oils around puberty, making it important to use eye creams and serums at a young age…

You want to use a tapping motion with your gentle finger while going inward toward the bridge of your nose. Remember the skin on your eyelid needs the same TLC. You want to try not to pull and rub the skin outward, this can be used as an exception when applying eyeliner and contacts but still be gentle.

Most of you may have already known this little trick, but it always surprises me how many ladies don’t practice it. It’s always nice to be reminded :)

In the mirror
rae xo

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