Thursday, 13 March 2014

Shampooing your makeup brushes

Well, haven't we all heard this before? Do you do it? It kind of seems like a daunting task but it’s not really that bad. If you have been having unexplained breakouts or your makeup isn't staying on all day… You might want to shampoo your brushes. Think about all the oils on your face + makeup buildup + dead skin cells, all of that is resting on those hairs of your brushes… Bacteria! When your brushes are clean, your makeup goes on so much smoother and you may find your eye shadows look more vibrant. I find it best to shampoo mine on the weekend or right after I apply my makeup so they have the whole day and night to dry out. Realistically, it should be done every 1-2 weeks but we all know how fast the weeks go by so if you do it once a month, you're ok :)

What you'll need:
Gentle shampoo here or here
Soup bowl
Clean towel

What to do:
1. Rinse brushes under a lukewarm tap (bristles facing downwards)
2. Put a quarter size amount of gentle shampoo in a soup bowl and fill with lukewarm water.  
3. Roll each brush in mixture and let set for a few minutes. You may want to     
    use a separate mixture for foundation/concealer and blush/bronzer brushes, 
        they tend to have more product on them.
4. Wash handles of brushes too, our hands transfer the most bacteria.
5. Rinse all brushes in lukewarm water squeezing out all the shampoo, still feel slippery? Keep rinsing.
6. When water runs clear, rinse in cold water to seal hairs.
7. Press out excess water and lay flat on a towel 
8. Let dry at least 6-8 hours

When I'm applying my makeup, I like to keep a makeup remover wipe next to me. I sweep my brushes along it to keep them clean in between cleanings. (sweep and roll back and forth, never press bristles straight down) Having a wipe handy also makes it easy to switch eyeshadow colors without mixing, just don't get it too wet.

A very inexpensive solution that I think is pretty important for your skin and your budget, brushes can be pricey! The weekend is coming up so maybe this is a good Saturday morning to do... How do you like to clean your brushes?

In the mirror

rae xo

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