Monday, 3 March 2014

What hue are you?

Hey ladies, today we're talking lip color. I don't wear lipstick that often and when I do it’s usually the good ole’ red pout. I’m always a bit apprehensive to do the ‘bold’ lip so this post is a kind of push for me to wear it more!

If you have thin lips, try to steer clear of dark colors. If you have fuller lips, rock them! I’m jealous!

If you have fair skin: Nudes, pinks, coral reds, peachy shades; avoid browns

If you have medium toned skin: pinks, reds, cranberry tones; avoid purples and pales

If you have yellow toned skin: flesh tones, bronze, deep berries; avoid purples and oranges

If you have dark toned skin: reds, burgundys, corals, oranges; avoid chalky or white tones

If you have pink undertones: peach tones; avoid blue based reds

I hope this helps you find your inner ‘bold’ lip! Please note that these are only recommendations and if you have the confidence to rock a shade that’s not in your skin tone, then by all means do! What shade do you like show off??

rae xo

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