Tuesday, 22 April 2014

In the Armoire: Jean Fest!

Some would say shoes are a girls best friend or maybe diamonds, but ladies, I'm saying JEANS are definitely a girl's best friend. I, personally am addicted to jeans. This is no lie, I love them so much! I honestly can't get enough. With  so many great jeans out there, one style just won't do. As far as the perfect jean, well, I thought I found them, then realised the retailer stopped selling them!!!! What???? Are you mad???? So onwards in finding those jeans that are just so spectacular. Every girl has a brand they like and since we all have such different body shapes, not every style suits, so it's a good thing that there are a variety of styles to try. I personally am a big fan of a pair of a slouch denim or a boyfriend jean, Acne's Pop Betty's are too die for, just got a pair and of course a high-waist skinny does it for me. But funny enough I'm steering away from a super skinny and leaning more towards a high-waist straight leg. I think this is due to slight body change due to having a child and of course we are entitled to changing our style! Here are some styles worth trying. So get your jean fest on ladies!

1. Straight Leg - Gap
2. Mom Jean - Topshop
3. Boyfriend - Acne
4. Slim Boy - Madewell
5. High-waist Skinny - ASOS
6. Slouch - R13
7. Girlfriend - Zara 

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