Tuesday, 8 April 2014

In the Armoire: Transitional Coats

Spring oh spring. Most of our hearts are rejoicing right now, as spring is starting to present itself. Ok yes some parts of the country are still brutally cold, but I promise this won't last forever. Between season weather can be a tricky one as it's not too cold, but not scorching either. So how is one to dress during this in between phase? Well, ladies it's all about the transitional coat. Transitional coats are the perfect solution to funny weather. Your new sidekick keeps you warm on the chilly days and not too warm on the hotter days. Sounds like a winner to me! Happy shopping!

Kelly xx

1. Topshop Boutique Crepe Mac, $320.00
2. Faubourg du Temple Trocadero Sequin Jacket, $125.00
3. Zara Loose Fit Trench Coat, $159.00
4. Nasty Gal Incognito Anorak, $59.00
5. Warehouse Tweed Zip Off Biker, $178.73
6. Monki Longline Pocket Blazer, $94.07
7. H&M Denim Blue Trench Coat, $41.95
8. Weekday Tuva Coat, £110.00
9. Nasty Gal Sheer Trench Cardigan, $58.00

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