Tuesday, 15 April 2014

In the Armoire: Wedding Guest Attire

So your friend's getting married and you are invited to the wedding, now the question I ask, what are you going to wear to the wedding? Now you may think this is quite an easy question to answer, but in all reality, it's not always, so many guests get it wrong. 

Here's somethings to keep in mind when picking your outfit:
  • Don't out do the bride. Remember it's her day and you are just an observer.
  • Don't wear white, plain and simple. Unless it's a themed wedding and there's no way to avoid it, ok, fine.
  • Don't wear a dress that is too short. 
  • Don't show cleavage, especially if it's a church wedding.
  • Black, it's ok to wear to a wedding, but if it's a spring wedding, best to wear a nice colour. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes, yes heels are amazing, but just think about the rest of the day, there could be some walking and yes of course dancing at the reception. 
  • Bring a nice blazer or cardigan. Some churches require no shoulders showing, so be respectful and cover them just during the ceremony.
  • It's ok to wear a pant suit or a jumpsuit, just make sure they look nice.
  • For weddings that require a formal dress for the evening, pick a dress that is elegant and fits you well. Remember, you will be dancing in a formal, so just make sure its not too long. 
  • Many brides will instruct you on attire in their invite or on their blog, if you still aren't sure about something, then just ask. Be the guest that stands out at the wedding in a good way. Nothing better than looking so chic and people noticing your impeccable style!

Here's some great ideas to get your started:

Outfit 1: Topshop Strappy Pleat Cami, Zara Floral Pencil Skirt, Zara Gathered Blazer, KG by Kurt Geiger Strappy Heels

Outfit 2: Topshop Slinky Top, Topshop Jacquard Midi Skirt, Topshop Tailored Blazer, Shoesissima Suede Heel

Outfit 3: Topshop Matte Lux Jumpsuit, Zara Tuxedo Blazer, Shoesissima Blocked Heel

Outfit 4: MSGM Bow Jumpsuit, Zara Soft Blazer, ASOS Habitual Sandals

From left to right: 
ASOS Pencil Dress, Love Wrap Skater Dress, ASOS Structured Lace Dress, ASOS Floral Cross Over Dress, ASOS Shift Dress with Drape

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