Thursday, 17 April 2014

In the Know: Bridal Emergency pack

So your big day is almost here, is your maid of honor packing an emergency bag for you? Here is a little cheat sheet for you or whoever is planning. Don't leave home without some very necessary essentials! You may not need every single item on this list but you never know. The one thing that you don't pack, is usually the one thing that you need... 
1. Needle and thread
2. Scissors
3. Body tape or double sided tape
4. Stain wipes
5. Static guard
6. Safety pins
7. Blister balm
8. No slip pads for the soles of your shoes
9. Hair spray
10. Bobbie pins
11. Oil blotting papers
12. Tweezers
13. Clear nail polish
14. Nail file
15. Lip balm
16. Hand and body lotion
17. Deodorant
18. Breath strips or mints
19. Dental floss
20. Advil or any pain relieving pills
21. Tums or heartburn tablets
22. Eye drops
23. Tissues
24. Bandaid or and entire first aid kit ;)
25. Q-tips
26. Super glue
27. Lots of water

Be sure and pack touch up makeup, lipgloss, eyeliner and powder etc. 

Sit back and enjoy your day, if anything goes awry... go to the bag!

In the Mirror
rae xo

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