Monday, 21 April 2014

In the Mirror: Sleeping in your makeup

Let’s just say that we have all done it before, however, if it’s an every night thing-beware! I will confess to sleeping in my makeup on occasion, sometimes my narcolepsy takes force (or that glass of wine) and I'm left at its mercy. There will always be those nights, however, when you find out the reality of the consequences, you'll be running to the bathroom to wash your face.

When you sleep in your makeup you’re letting bacteria create a breeding ground on your face.

Bacteria can clog your pores, which in time will enlarge them. Not to mention the bacteria on your pillowcase, eww!

Your skin, along with the vitamins in your moisturizer, repairs itself overnight, if it has makeup, sweat, smoke etc. on it, how can it repair! You will only cause more damage.

Sleeping with mascara on will dry out your lovely lashes and can even make them brittle enough to break off! Heavy liners along the lash line can clog the follicles of your lashes and can cause infections if left on overnight.

It has been said that every night you don't wash your face, you age your skin 1 year. Not sure if I believe this because if it were true I would look… really old! However, the effects may show later. The term 'beautyrest' doesn't mean you have to look beautiful while resting... Let your skin breath so you can wake up feeling beautiful! I know, cheesy, right...

So... If you are coming home from a fun night of cocktails… or your day just sucked and your pillow is calling you name-reconsider. Your face and you pillowcase will thank you. Remember that alcohol dehydrates you and your skin. So, cleanse, tone and moisturize ladies before you sleep. Oh, and drink a big glass of water! Cheers to 'beautyrest'!!

In the mirror
rae xo

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