Tuesday, 20 May 2014

In the Armoire: Travel Style

Welcome to travel week! It's very appropriate as I just got back from a holiday in the Seychelles, so I have packing on the mind. Packing can be very time consuming and completely unenjoyable, but I've learned along the years that packing simple pieces is always best. Packing pieces that can be mixed and matched over your holiday can take you a long way. I do still pack a few extra pieces just in case, but now I pack the minimal instead of having a bursting suitcase. 

Traveling Outfit:
Free People Slouchy Vegan Tote, Birkenstock Arizona in Beige, Truffle No. 1 Clarity Bag, Urbanears DJ Headphones, Free People Starry Night Harem Pant, Anthropologie Garmet Dyed V-neck Tee, Zara Long Trench Coat, Urban Outfitters Gasby Square Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters Twist Band Panama Hat

Packing Inspiration:
Zara Floral Maxi Dress, Topshop Embroidered Playsuit, Zara Grey Maxi Dress,  Zara Striped Cotton Dress, Aldo Valliera Sandals, Topshop Palm Print Short, Zara White Tee, Topshop Grey Burnout Dress, Urban Outfitters Floral Crown Wrap, Talulah and Hope Kaftan, Topshop Bikini

Here's just a few tips for packing:

  • When packing for your holiday I find dresses are the best solution as they take up little space and look nice.
  • Pack pieces that can be mixed and matched.
  • There are several designers out there now that design dresses that can be worn 3 or 4 ways, this will making packing very easy.
  • Take a pair of sandals that will go with everything. Too many shoes will take up too much space.
  • Jean shorts are amazing to wear on holiday, but do take a lighter pair of shorts. If your jeans shorts get dunked into the ocean, they will take your whole holiday to dry and most likely will be super stiff due to the salt in the water. I'm telling you this because it happen to me on this last trip.
  • The lighter the clothes the lighter your suitcase. If you are going to a tropical island, most likely you won't be needing a thick sweater. Wear a cardigan on the plane so you have one with you just in case. 
  • When dressing for your flight, dress comfortable. There's nothing worse than sitting in an airport feeling blah. Now dressing comfortable doesn't mean looking sloppy. You can look super chic and comfy at the same time!
  • Just remember, you can always wash your clothing if needed on holiday. Nothing a little soap and water can't fix.
Happy packing!!!!

In the Armoire: Travel Week
kelly xx

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