Friday, 9 May 2014

In the Home: Dip Dying Fun!

When my friend Lacy asked me if I wanted to host a Mother's Day brunch for our moms who both live in Kansas City MO I was thrilled! We wanted to have elements at the brunch that were DIY inspired. This dip dye tablecloth made from a drop cloth was the perfect DIY craft for our laid back Midwestern mother's brunch. Lacy is excited to share with you her process and the ins and outs of this project. So if you are feeling crafty give this fun project a try! 

What you need

So I've seen this project on Pinterest but never tried it myself, until last Easter weekend.  I had a 6'x9' drop cloth from the local home improvement store, and wanted some color, but not overall. When you send a guy to go get pink and yellow dye, you may end up getting fuchsia and orange!  But I made it work. Turned out a pretty coral color. The second part of the process was doing a white wash effect on the dip dyed portion of the tablecloth. 

Materials: 3 buckets/pails 
Dye- 2-3 bottles of RIT (mixing makes perfect)
Salt (as directed on packaging of dye
Drop cloth (size of choice)
Test strip of fabric

How to

  1. I used a hose and filled the buckets outside.  All three buckets should have the same amount of dye, but varying amounts of water, making 3 different strengths.  Decide how high up you want the dye to reach, and mix colors accordingly.
  2. Try first on test strip of fabric (may need multiples to get the right shades) Dip the test strip into buckets from most concentrated to least, over and over to create a fade. When you get it how you want it, you're ready for the drop cloth.
  3. Fold the drop cloth where the edges (sides that hang down) are all at one end. The ends of the tablecloth won't be included.
  4. Dip the folded drop cloth, sides down, into the buckets from most concentrated to least, over and over, to create a fade effect.  When unfolded, there will be areas where the folds didn't take the dye evenly.  I thought this was a neat effect.    
  5. When it was done I had it on a clothesline to see the whole.  I made the part that was straight across match the rest by adding and removing dye where necessary. I added dye with a paintbrush, washing off with a watering can. I removed dye with a spray bottle of bleach water.  This is where the artistic touch can come in. 
  6. Once it's dry, the color fades a bit, as well as after it's washed. You can always go back to it and add more color, I did one last dip after washing to have more "peach" color across the bottom.

What you need for White Wash 

White paint mixed with water
Silk flower of choice or paint brush
Spray bottle with dye and water

White Wash How To

  1.  mix white paint with water to create a wash. (More water will be lighter)
  2.  dip flower into white wash 
  3.  dab flower evenly over the tablecloth where you want a white wash effect
  4.  spray dye over areas with too much white if needed 
  5.  let dry 

In the Home,
Project courtesy of Lacy Epperson

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