Friday, 16 May 2014

In the home: Mother's Day Brunch!

When my friend Lacy saw that I had started a blog with friends she was excited to be a part of the fun! She suggested that her and I throw a Mother's Day brunch for our mom's since they both live in Kansas City. I was thrilled and the ideas started rolling. I created the menu while she created hand dye napkins and paper flowers. We invited a few of our friends, moms and their daughters. We kept the event intimate and local which really allowed everyone to enjoy quality time together.

Here are our mother daughter duos and trios

The setting was laid back and absolutely beautiful. Lacy's mom Chanda hosted, and we are so very grateful for her hospitality! Lacy's step dad Tim had built a handmade table out of barn wood and it had just received a fresh staining. We placed the table close to the pond which created a tranquil and relaxed setting for our guests. 

Mother's Day Brunch Menu

Crab Salad

Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart

Our Summer Sangria were from Martha Stewart's website. What I love about these is that you can add the same ingredients to both white and red Sangria. They were a huge hit! 
Drink Station
Our Strawberry Pie is vegan topped with little shortcakes which are delicious and moist. You can get this fresh pie from Pie Craft in St. Louis MO. I highly recommend it!

Lacy Dip Dyed these vintage napkins. They were an elegant contrast to our rustic barn wood table. 

Lacy also made paper flowers layered with various shades of mauve and peach paper. Look soon for our how to on this project! 

No party would be complete without some vibrant fresh flowers as well. I chose miniature roses and miniature tulips mixed with some wild flowers and grass. The colors really popped on the barn wood table. I highly recommend mixing styles such as elegant with rustic. You can create an eye catching dynamic party setting when you use this easy technique. 

We wanted to really celebrate our mothers so we created hand made gifts to show them how much we appreciate them. They loved their gifts and appreciated the time that we put into them. 

What's inside?

Chai Tea, with instructions and fresh spices
Herbal Tub Tea bags, for soaking in the tub 

For the how to view our post on making your own rose water under  the tab In the Mirror
Be on the look out for upcoming posts on tub tea and chai tea! 

Lacy and I had a fantastic time making this party a reality. We hope it inspires you for your next event such as birthdays, mother's day, father's day, graduations and so much many more. Heck, maybe it will  make you want to throw a party just because! 

Amber and Lacy

From the Harvest Table,

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