Wednesday, 14 May 2014

In the Kitchen: Iced Coffee with Coconut and Agave Nectar

With warmer weather approaching I still want a delicious cup of coffee but I'm not always in the mood for a hot cup of Joe. I wanted to create a delicious vegan friendly cup of coffee that is both a touch sweet and creamy. The process was oh so easy and the result was really satisfying. With all the options out there that are non-dairy I was left with a multitude of options for the creamer. I used coconut beverage in my iced coffee but you could definitely use soy milk, hemp milk, or almond milk if desired. You can always go to a coffee shop for your coffee fix but why not make it at home where you have more healthy options and it's budget friendly. Plus you can just make up a pitcher of coffee and place in the fridge. 


1 tbsp per cup, fresh ground high quality arabica coffee of choice 
Coconut beverage to taste
Agave nectar to taste

  1. Brew the desired number of cups of coffee in your coffee brewer or you can do a hand pour if you prefer this method
  2. Transfer coffee to a pitcher and let cool for a bit before refrigerating 
  3. Place coffee in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour
  4. Fill glasses with ice and coffee, leaving room at the top for desired amount of coconut beverage and agave nectar. Enjoy! 
Note- Try to use coffee from a high quality roaster. Look for local roasters and coffee shops where you can purchase beans that have been freshly roasted and fair trade. I love to get my coffee from Kaldi's Coffee Company in St. Louis MO. You will notice how fantastic your coffee tastes and you'll be supporting small business!

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