Thursday, 22 May 2014

In the Mirror: 3 easy hairstyles: Travel edition

When traveling, time is usually limited and getting ready should be easy and carefree. I've put together 3 easy and quick hair tutorials that each take less that 5 minutes and you don't need to be a pro to achieve them. These styles require little accessories so they're perfect for traveling.

Sleek ponytail

What you'll need:
1 elastic
2 bobby pins
Hair spray
.take small section in the crown of your head
.secure with bobby pin, pushing forward to create height 
.pull remaining hair into a ponytail with an elastic
.take small piece of hair from bottom of ponytail
.wrap around base, covering elastic
.secure with bobby pin underneath the base of the ponytail
.spray flyaways 

Tied turban headscarf

What you'll need:

1 head scarf

.fold scarf into a wide band
.wrap around back of head, with end at the top of head
.tie into double knot
.tuck away ends

Grecian Headband

What you'll need:

1 elastic headband
.place headband on styled hair
.take small section of hair from in front of ear and pull through headband
.take next section over ear and pull through headband
.continue around to the middle of your head
.repeat on opposite side
.marry both sides together and tuck under headband

You could stop at this step and wear as a cute 1/2 up grecian style

.take remaining hair and roll into a large barrel curl
.tuck and roll until all ends are tucked under headband

If your style loosens just simply roll and tuck hair to tighten. For a tighter style you can place bobby pins along the rolls.

I hope you enjoyed these styles and can use them on your next trip or any day for that matter :))

In the Mirror: Travel edition
rae xo

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