Monday, 5 May 2014

In the Mirror: Hair Chalk: Salon addition

Hair Chalk is very similar to regular chalk but for the hair. It's a fun way to have a funky color for a day! It's easy to apply and comes out in 1 shampoo. My lovely model and friend Meredith let me do a full makeover on her. She had no idea what I was going to be doing to her but she was a great sport and she loved the final results!

I cut and styled Meredith's hair and curled it with a 1/2 in curling wand. For her makeup I applied a natural smokey eye with soft contouring, concentrating on her cheekbones, filled in her brows and a glossy lip. 

Hair chalk comes in different forms, mine is in a pallet much like an eyeshadow. I used a caribbean green and an electric blue, when mixed together, they made a beautiful teal color. Find them and many more colors here!

Prep: You want to wear gloves and a dark colored shirt. The chalk can dust off of the hair and can be a bit messy. I would advise doing it in the bathroom or kitchen, not over carpet :)

Application: Place the chalk pallet behind a section of hair, hold down with your thumb and drag pallet through the hair, the more times you go over it, the bolder the color gets. Twist the section of hair to get color on the top layer. Finish with a hairspray to lock in color and prevent from dusting off.

Tips: After you apply, it's best to lightly shake the hair to release the top layer of chalk. When tousling the hair after application, you will get some color on hands (it washes right off).

The more I manipulated the hair, it muted the color of the chalk but I quite like the faded look! Thank you Meredith for spending your Saturday with me!

In the Mirror/Salon edition
rae xo

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