Thursday, 8 May 2014

In the Mirror: Trimming your hair: Salon edition

I have to tell you how important this is! I know you girls love your hair and I hope you also like it healthy. First things first – Trim your ends! This goes for all of you who are ‘growing your hair out’ just as much as those who are just ‘maintaining’ it.

 I'm sure you've all heard that if you trim your ends, your hair will grow faster… Well it’s actually true!  I know that if you're growing it, it seems like trimming it will just cut off what you've grown out… Well it’s actually not true!

Let’s talk about split ends!!! Once you have split ends, those ends snap and break off and they will not grow anymore, they will only continue to split up the hair shaft making what you’ve grown out, start breaking off.   There is no product or serum that can ‘repair’ split ends, the only way to repair split ends is to get them trimmed off. Do you ever see little short hairs in your sink or on your bathroom counter? Your ends are snapping off - time for a trim!

Hair normally grows on average ½ of an inch a month (faster for some, slower for others). So if you're growing, you should get a trim at least every 12 weeks (8 is recommended). If you’re maintaining, you should get a trim every 6-8 weeks. If you have a short style, then you will probably see it losing its shape after 4 weeks. 

I have long hair and I like to get it ‘dusted’ every 4-6 weeks to maintain and then do a really good trim every 5 or 6 months. What’s ‘dusting’ you ask? It’s just a little clean sweep (approx. ¼ of an inch) across your ends to remove dried ends and help prevent any ends from splitting in between trims.
Call your salon and book an appointment with your stylist!!

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