Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Inspiration: Travel week

This post is all about inspiration when you travel, to think outside the box. Enjoy the local things around you and take advantage of a city and your surroundings. Sometimes it's not all about eating at the top restaurant or seeing the most popular tourist sight. It's about really making your own memories in those cities that you travel to. Talk to locals, people watch, have no agenda and let the day plan itself... Sometimes the best memories made are those that aren't planned. So hike to the top of that mountain, have that romantic picnic, ride a bike to a local festival, take that boat ride...Try something new you've never done before... Do something spontaneous and don't hold back, you may never travel to this city again...  

Here are some adventures that my husband and I have had on our travels. Get inspired and plan a fun summer trip. Weather you're going on a road trip or traveling abroad, there are great times to be had with a little imagination. Enjoy!

Goge Photography
Find a local market and buy homegrown produce

Go on a wine tour

Find a quiet little spot for a picnic

Goge photography

Document the things you do with unconventional pictures (don't always pose) 

Goge Photography

Take pictures of locals

Try local brews and bites

Ride bikes

Take a boat ride

 Go hiking or camping

Picture credits to Gjorge Stinikliev of Goge Photography taken in Chicago IL.The remaining pictures are taken by me and my husband :) Macedonia, Greece, Smoky Mountains, Brussels, Michigan, Mexico and China...

Inspiration: Travel week

rae xo


  1. These are fantastic and affordable ideas! I love the "go with the flow" attitude. One time my husband Ryan and I made plans in Tuscany, that fell through. Instead we ended up poking in and out of local shops, took a long walk on the beach and ended the day on the harbor splitting a bottle of wine while dangling our feet off the pier. This is by far my most favorite memory of our trip to Italy.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Sounds amazing!