Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Springtime Sandals

Sandal weather is almost here and hopefully here to stay!!!!! Yes, in the Midwest the weather can be soooo crazy, one day it's 70 degrees and the next day it's snowing. Hopefully the weather will start to even out and you can finally dig out your lovely sandals or start thinking about which sandals to buy this season. All I know is I'm ready to show off my pedicure with some kick ass sandals. Here's some sandals to get you inspired! Happy Shopping!

kelly xx

1. Maria Sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, $250.00
2. La Celle by Jolle, $135.00
3. Sabina Suede Sandals by Vince, $225.00
4. Tucola Sandal by Rachel Comey, $415.00
5. Valliera Platform by Aldo, $112.88
6. Arizona White Leather Sandal by Birkenstock, $112.79
7. Detroir Black Sandals by Miss KG, $84.66
8. Tan Cross Sandal by Common Projects, $468.00
9. Around the Grounds Sandal by BC Footwear, $59.99

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