Saturday, 14 June 2014

DIY Change/Key Hold

I am sure many of you have the same problem I have, finding change all over the house. Usually with this change I find comes receipts and whatever happens to be in my husbands pocket at the time. I find this extremely annoying so I finally decided to do something about it. I came across this really great mason jar holder on pinterest (picture above) and I thought this would be the perfect solution to our problem. I added my own spin on the mason jar holder and add keys hooks so it could multi-functional. Being that it is Father's Day tomorrow I thought this would be the perfect gift for the man in your house. I had a great time putting this together! Read on for instructions!

Kelly xx

Materials Needed:

  • piece of wood to your desired size
  • paint (any colour you choose, I went with blackboard paint)
  • screws
  • pipe clamps
  • brushes to paint with
  • hooks
  • picture hooks to hang your board
  • glass jars (I used jam jars)
1. First paint your board. Any colour you choose. Let if dry before carrying on.

2. Once the board is dry, decide on the position of your jars and measure out how far you want them to be. Make a mark. 

3. Ideally you want to find pipe clamps that fit around your jar. This will make the project so much easier. But let me just say it was really really hard for me to find the correct size pipe clamps. It seems no one carries them here in England. I found some pipe clamps on ebay but when they arrived they were way too big!!! So I had to make do with what I had. I cut the clamps to my desired size and bent the metal over the jars and screwed each end down. This worked really well. I just had to get a bit creative and just go for it. 

4. I repeated this over each jar.

5. Once I had my jar positioned, I then added the key holders. These were super easy to screw into the board. I just measured out how far apart I wanted them to be from each other, made a mark then started screwing!

6. Once the key screws where in I took my picture hooks and measured out where they should go. I honestly guessed on all this. I knew the board would be a bit top heavy because of the glass jars and decided where to put the hooks based on that. 

7. Once the picture hooks were on, I hung it!

8. I hammered the nails in at an angle so the board wouldn't slip off the nail on the wall as the board is top heavy. 

Now my husband can empty his pockets and drop his keys as he walks in the door!

kelly xx

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