Wednesday, 18 June 2014

In the Know: Our Paris Adventure

Bonjour MWGS followers! I have just come home from a two week adventure in Paris. June is a bustling time in Paris where you see people from all over the globe. The shopping, museums, brasseries, architecture and the history are what makes this European city so fabulous to visit. While the city has a lively vibe to it Parisians are also all about taking time for things, whether it is for lunch or just an espresso. It's all about the balance. We spent lots of our time on the go, but allowed time for relaxation at one of the countless lovely brasseries that line the streets of Paris. Of course, no trip to Paris would have been complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. We decided to go up to the top around sunset, which is at 10:00 p.m.! It was well worth waiting in line for tickets and waiting all day to enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

Some of the great things we did around the Eiffel Tower were taking a boat tour on the Seine River and visiting the lesser known Palais De Tokyo art museum in a close by neighborhood. The boat tour is a great way to see all of the major historical landmarks. It gives you a great appreciation for the architecture of Paris. I recommend taking a boat tour at the end of your trip. Your feet are so tired of walking at this point and you may have not had time to see everything you wanted to. This gives a great overview at least and it is quite relaxing. The Palais De Tokyo art museum is a short 15 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and is a nice contrast to the Eiffel Tower since it is a lesser known museum full of contemporary and unconventional art. We are huge fans of Hiroshi Sugimoto's body of photography so it was a wonderful surprise when we discovered that he currently has a large exhibition at the museum. Plus the cafe at the museum has a great patio when in use and the menu is really creative and delicious as well.

Artifact from Hiroshi Sugimoto's Installation at Palais De Tokyo

Installation at Palais De Tokyo Museum

Notre-Dame from the Seine River Boat tour

House boat on the Seine River

Beautiful bridge over the Seine River (notice the guy sitting on the edge, scary!)

The best way to explore Paris is on foot. The pleasures are in the details we spotted along the narrow busy stone streets lined with endless shops. Here are some of the sights we saw on our walk to the Louvre.

French Macaron Shop
This picture shows the millions of locks that people purchase from various street vendors and then write their name or a message on, attaching them to the bridges along the Seine River in Paris. An interesting way to leave your mark in Paris. Kind of like carving your name in a tree. 
Locks on a Paris bridge
Sculpture near the Louvre

My husband and I at the Louvre

The unexpected things that happened on our adventure are perhaps some of the most memorable things we experienced. We saw the Queen of England herself in front of the Eiffel Tower as she waved from her British Limousine. She was there for the 70th anniversary of D Day. Unfortunately this happened so spontaneously that we were unable to snap a picture. We also saw a fashion photo shoot outside our window in our apartment. They shot it in front of Chez Georges, which is one of the top bars in Paris. There were models posing as musicians with wind and string instruments. They had everything from trumpets, saxophones, and guitars to flares, glitter, and sparklers to create the artistic vision of the photographer. Finally we were able to visit the Eiffel Tower one last time to see Rafael Nadal at a photo opt after he one the Roland Garres French Open for the 9th time in his career! What a fabulous opportunity this was. My grandmother was also interviewed for a French news station while we were there since my aunt and her are super fans of Rafa and his great talent! It was a real treat!

Fashion shoot outside Chez George

 Reuters French News interviews grandma about Rafael Nadal's 9th win!

Look for more on this adventure Friday, where I will share my favorite brasserie (cafe) experiences with you as well as a few of the other beautiful and interesting places we visited in Paris. 

Au revoir from Paris!