Friday, 20 June 2014

In the Know: Paris One Plate at a Time

During our fabulous trip to Paris we had the opportunity to eat at some of the most famous and unique brasseries. We were so lucky to have been invited on this journey by my grandmother and aunt. They shared in our culinary adventures as we ate our way across Paris. We decided to be quite spontaneous with our cafe choices. If the menu looked delicious we ate there. If the atmosphere was impressive we tried it out. We only came with a small list of places we must eat at. I can't think of a bad meal we had, other than the food on the flight over and back, of course! Paris is a food mecca that still is the standard for fine cooking the world over, and if you are foodie or a culinary connoisseur like me than add them to your list of places you must visit in your lifetime.

Pizzeria Santa Lucia's was on our busy little pedestrian street in St. Germain. We walked in and were greeted immediately. The restaurant was family run by a passionate Italian family who were fluent in French and Italian. The menu was full of fresh pasta and pizzas with authenticity abounding. We decided to get a pizza with vegetables and jambon (ham), and a fresh plate of pasta with a cheesy tomato sauce topped with a rose garnish made from prosciutto. Delicious!!!

On our first day out alone we stumbled on this adorable cafe called Le Pre Aux Clercs. They had a beautiful flowering tree inside the restaurant and a great menu with local food. I had a salad that turned out to be more like a pasta with pesto, cucumber, walnuts, chicken, and parmesan. Nathan had home-made lasagna which was the best lasagna he has ever had. Wouldn't have expected that from a cafe in Paris. 

On my birthday my grandma and aunt took us to a beautiful restaurant called Murat. They had a very contemporary menu full of delicious options from Tuna steak to Caramel Pot Roast Pork. I had the Tuna Steak and my grandma had the Prawns in a subtle curry broth. Nathan swears that his Caramel  Pork is one of the best meals he has ever had in his life! Plus the service was absolutely delightful. 

One of the places on our list to visit was Angelina's. They have been in business since 1903 and specialize in pastries that are a work of art. Their hot chocolate is served at breakfast, brunch, and lunch. It is among some of the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life. It is rich, thick, creamy, with an intense chocolate profile. Plus the restaurant is gorgeous inside. 

That same afternoon we stopped for a late lunch at Cafe De La Paix where 9 time tennis champion of the French Open, Rafael Nadal celebrated his birthday this year! It was so elegant inside and the food was impressive. We were very pleased with the cheese plate, caesar salad, and coffee we ordered. The Caesar salad is deluxe here. It has bacon, chicken, parmesan, eggs, tomatoes, and caperberries on it. I wasn't even sure what the capers were since I had never had them in the form of caperberries. They were so tasty and mild in flavor, and in all my culinary adventures I have never seen them before. They came on the stem and could be eaten much like an olive since they were brined. I had never really like the capers offered at restaurants in the United States. They seem to be too acidic and salty for my taste. Come to find out the capers I am used to are actually immature buds of the caper bush. I will now be on the look out for caperberries!

One of the most memorable desserts was at Napoleones near the Arc De Triomphe. It was like a molten lava cake with a rich coffee ice cream and creamy caramel sauce. My Grandmother and Aunt ordered this. I think it disappeared in less than two minutes! I had fresh pasta again since I had so many great pasta dishes. It had a chili tomato sauce with a nice kick.  

I think they liked the dessert! 

The food was one of the greatest parts of our trip. I feel that we explored the myriad of delicious foods that the Parisians have to offer and I miss it already! I wish I could have hot chocolate from Angelina's everyday! What an amazing experience this all was and believe it or not I didn't even gain weight. It was all the walking that saved me. This post turned out to be so long that I am saving Monet's Garden for a whole another day.

Au Revoir from Paris!

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  1. I'm still enjoying the five extra pounds from that trip! Great recap and beautiful photos :)