Monday, 16 June 2014

In the Mirror: Easy summer hair styles

So it's summer and we all want that effortlessly chic, beachy hair. I put together a couple boards of inspiration of some styles that are so simple yet look so sexy and season appropriate. One thing to remember with these styles is, they're effortless for a reason, don't try too hard.

Beachy waves is one style I get asked about the most. How do you get those messy, slept in waves? To start, you will need a medium to large size curling iron or wand, a sea salt spray, hairspray or dry shampoo. 

Section your hair into 3 parts and start at the nape of your neck. 
Loosely wrap your locks around the iron starting at the midshaft, going away from your face, leaving your ends out. 
Continue up and around your head leaving some waves tight and some loose (the idea is for it to look natural and natural hair isn't all the same size waves). 
Spray with sea salt spray and lightly separate the waves with your fingers (don't brush) My favorite is Davines 'this is a sea salt spray'
Spray some hairspray or dry shampoo at your roots to add volume and give it a 'dirty' look. Tigi 'rockaholic' is my fave
Note: this style is best on unwashed hair, clean hair will look more polished.

This style is the most simple, yet so many girls just don't get it right. Again, unwashed hair is a must, even if it's the day after you did beachy waves ;) All you need is a rubber band and maybe a bobby pin or two.

Spray some hairspray at roots (you don't want a flat lifeless braid)
Loosely pull to one side and start with a semi-tight braid, secure with an elastic
Now for the 'messy' part, pull the braid apart starting at the bottom
Work your way up and keep roughing it up (if you have lots of layers, be a bit more gentle)
Lightly pull at the crown of your head and loosen it to keep your volume
Once your braid is nice and fat, spray it! You want it to some what stay in place, otherwise you may have to redo it throughout the day so spray, spray, spray :)
This style is perfect for those of you who have clip-in extensions, clip those bad boys in and make that braid even bigger and messier
Bobby pin long strands or side bangs or don't
Add a cute scarf or fedora and you are ready for a  Saturday brunch!

I hope you embrace messy hair and try one of these effortless styles! Check back later this week for more easy summer styles!

In the Mirror

rae xo

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