Thursday, 19 June 2014

In the Mirror: Easy Summer styles continued

Continuing on this week with easy summer styles! Earlier this week was beachy waves and messy side braids.                      
Top knots, I know there are many different versions of this but hopefully this can help you achieve the right look. How many of you have ended up with a ballerina bun instead of a bohemian bun?? It's ok, I also have been victim to the ballerina bun:/ 

Start with a really high ponytail and secure with an elastic
Tease and spray your ponytail till it looks kinda crazy
Wrap and twist around the top of your head 
Secure with bobby pins at the base of the bun I like the corkscrew pins the best
Gently pull the bun apart and shape it
If it's a bit too messy, keep tucking and pinning 
Gently pull the front and sides of your hair to have a few flyaways and wisps around temples and ears (remember, we want bohemian not ballerina)
Spray, spray, spray
This is a perfect second or third day hair kind of style

Maiden braids is one of those styles that people think is difficult but it's so simple. I shared this style in our very first post on MWGS and am working on a tutorial that will be a bit more helpful. For now, hopefully this inspires you to get creative with your hair.

As I put in more detail in this post back in March, this style can be done a number of different ways... The simplest is:
Section your hair into 2 parts and braid pocahontas style, you want to start them fairly tight and secure with elastics (you can do a middle part but I prefer a side part)
Bring first braid up on top of head secure with 2 or 3 bobby pins directing them into the braid so they don't show
Repeat with the next braid and make sure to cover the ends of the first braid
Secure second braid with bobby pins and tuck ends under first braid. Still with me?
Now for the messy part! Pull and rough up those braids, give some softness around your face by lightly roughing up around your temples and ears
Spray generously

As mentioned before, I'm working on some actual tutorials so be sure to check back!

In the Mirror
rae xo 

P.S. incase any of you are wondering, I'm a hair and makeup stylist ;) find me here

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