Monday, 9 June 2014

In the Mirror: Fave mens Product: Fathers Day gift idea

Fathers Day is next week :// This is a review for all the gentlemen in your life. My husband has been using this shaving soap for almost a year now and he loves it! He raves about it everytime he shaves and literally has a little moan in his throat when he's shaving... So it must be good! He mixes about 2 quarter size amounts into a small bowl and swirls the brush in it till it foams up really well. He then massages the cream on his skin with the brush. The brush stimulates the hair and opens up the follicle to help get a really close shave. He also loves this brush because he doesn't waste any cream by getting it on his hands. His skin is so soft when he's finished and he loves the cooling effect that it leaves behind.

find it here and here

If you're looking for something unique for your dad for Fathers Day, this is the perfect affordable gift. I'm sure your dad will enjoy it just as much as my husband :)

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