Monday, 30 June 2014

In the Mirror: Moroccan Oil: Product review

This product went viral quite a few years ago and still continues to be one of my faves! Some people miss judge hair oils and think that they will make their hair oily but when used correctly, this oil can easily become a staple in your hair regimen. On my shampoo days, I use it as a heat protectant before I blow-dry. I use it daily as a protectant on my ends before I use any heat and just as a shine treatment. It will actually help cut down on drying time! I use about a nickel size amount on towel dried hair. My hair is naturally curly and a coarse texture so if you have straight fine hair, less than a dime amount should be sufficient. I always like to tell people that less is more, start with a little, you can always add later.

Moroccan Oil makes a number of other styling, cleansing and conditioning treatments (that I also love) but this still remains to be their best all-around versatile product. I like to call it my liquid gold :)  They make a light version for blonde or fine haired ladies :) Find it at your local salon. 

In the mirror

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