Monday, 2 June 2014

In the Mirror: Protect your hair from chlorine - Summer week

Chlorine doesn't just damage blondes, it can make any color of hair brittle... However, if you're blonde, you could be green... The current fad is to have a faded green hint to the hair but putting color on the hair and letting a chemical, like chlorine do it, is much different. When you're vacationing it's usually a harder to keep a regimen but if you find yourself in the pool everyday, you might want to take these tips into consideration.

This is more a warning for blondes, natural and colored...

.Always rinse your hair with cool water before you get in the pool. Hair is like a sponge and it will absorb any chemicals that are in the water, if the hair is rinsed with cool water, the cuticle of the hair shaft is closed and will repel the chemicals in the water. 

.Shampoo hair immediately after you swim, never let the chlorine stay overnight. If the chemicals are left on the shaft of the hair, it will begin to absorb in and make the hair dry and brittle... 

The natural way of fighting chlorine buildup is, in my opinion, the healthiest and safest way to keep your locks chemical free... and don't forget to condition!!

Method 1:
Baking soda sprinkled in the hair and worked up to a bit of a lather then rinsed thoroughly will remove product buildup and chlorine buildup.

Method 2:
Apple cider vinegar about 1/4 of a cup splashed down strands will keep them shiny and chemical free.

Method 3:
Tomato juice or tomato paste, combed through hair and left for 15-20 min, will counteract green hues in the hair.

Method 4:
Use a swimmers shampoo or clarifying shampoo if you're a regular swimmer. I recomend this or this

If you're caught in chlorine, stay clean! 

In the Mirror
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