Monday, 23 June 2014

In the Mirror: Washing your hair

How often are you shampooing your hair? Did you know that the more often you shampoo, your drying out your ends and scalp. Greasy or oily hair is actually caused by sebum that is secreted from the follicle of the hair and is produced from the sebaceous glands on the scalp. 

When you wash your hair everyday, you are forcing those glands to produce oil and you're stripping away all the natural oils that condition the hair. If your hair is greasy by the end of the first day, it's because your follicles are working overtime to produce those oils that you just stripped away from them. 

Try to start shampooing every other day, It may take a few weeks but I guarantee you, your hair will stop producing oil as quickly and soon you may even be able to go three days without getting oily. You will also be saving your hair from all the  heat damage your creating by blow drying your hair everyday... Imagine the time you'll be saving in the morning! I like to wash my hair 1 to 2 times a week! That may sound crazy to you but after a while, it won't get oily as fast :)

So, now that you know  how often to shampoo, let's talk technique :) There is a bit more to it than scruba-dub-dub...

.Brush your hair thoroughly before getting in the shower to release loose hair that could clog the drain.
.Completely drench and rinse hair thoroughly with warm water before applying shampoo. This is a very important step, you want to loosen the product and oil on the scalp and prep it for shampooing, it will also help with a better lather
.Massage vigorously with fingertips to loosen product build up and dead skin on scalp that can clog pores.
.Unless you have really long hair or use a lot of products it's not necessary to shampoo the ends, what ever runs off will cleanse them fine. Over shampooing your ends can dry them out.
.Rinse thoroughly with warm water. The biggest mistake people make is not rinsing all the shampoo out of their hair. If there is still dirt and oil on your hair, it will not be shiny and healthy looking so keep rinsing.
.Condition ends, no need to put conditioner on the scalp, it gets plenty of conditioning from your natural oils.
.Comb through with a large comb or pick in the shower
.Rinse with cool water, this will close the cuticle of the hair making it shiny and static/frizz free. Cool water will also revitalize the scalp making those glands produce less sebum.

Putting to use all of these steps will give your hair shine and manageability. Later this week we have a guest blogger, Natalie from Vintage Mint, that will tell us her regimen of no pooing, a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean her locks, so be sure to check back!

How often do you shampoo?? If you have a great regimen please share in the comments :)

In the Mirror
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