Saturday, 7 June 2014

Summer Week: Planning a Party

So it's warm out and you're in the party mood and what better way to celebrate summer then to have a party!!!! I am here to give you some great summer party decor ideas! I'm concentrating on the decorations as Amber gave you some great bbq food recipes this week. There is no excuse not to have a great summer party! You have everything you need, great recipes from Amber, tips on how to look beautilicious from Raeganne and decorating tips from me. Here's to summer and our fun fab parties!

Party Tips:

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a party. Use things you have around the house. Instead of spending lots of money on a table cloth use an old sheet you have lying around or buy a cheap one at the dollar shop. 

Use old mason jars or jam jars for beverage glasses or use them to light the table by adding a tea candle. They are great for storing silverware if you are having a buffet. 

For table decoration, use a mix match of plates, they don't have to match. this adds character. For centre pieces on the table, take old wine or beer bottles and add some fresh flowers you have in the garden or get some from the local farmers market. 

If you have trees in your garden string some bunting or garland. This adds some lovely colour to your party. Even string some christmas lights, this will definitely add a romantic feel to the evening. 

Have unused flower pots lying around? Well I suggest washing them up, painting them a nice bright colour, sticking a hand towel in and using it as bread basket or a napkin holder or well let's just say the ideas are endless. 

If you or a friend happens to have a projector (yes a few of mine do, lucky for me) set it up and have a movie bbq night. Have everyone bring their favourite blanket or picnic blanket and voila a movie party! You could then have a popcorn buffet! Brilliant!

Here are just a few party decorating tips. I know there are many more. My advice to you, be creative with the things you have lying around, this makes the party that more special and personal.

kelly xx
Summer Week

kelly xx
In the Know- Summer Week

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  1. I love all these ideas, so pretty and inviting