Wednesday, 9 July 2014

In the Home: Beautiful Budget Yard Project!

My husband and I bought our home over a year ago and didn't pick up many of the leaves that fell from the neighbors tree in the fall. Oops, we were so inexperienced with lawn care that we killed a small strip of grass that was between the fence and the sidewalk. With this space being such a long and awkward shape we decided instead of planting more grass seed why not try our hand at a little landscaping! Nathan drew a design out and we went to our local nursery to get some advice. I can't stress how important it can be to get advice from your local nursery on what you are planning to do if you are amateurs like us. We chose Pearlwort, Irish Moss as our ground cover to surround Japanese Barberries in two different sections. On either side these two sections we placed a thick layer of slate. We made sure to surround the Barberries and Pearlwort with plenty of mulch and viola! This project cost us a mere $100.00 with tax! The project was finished within about four hours and was well worth the beauty and diversity it brought to our yard.

If you are planting small plants like these make sure to water them everyday until they are established. This will make a huge difference in the success of your plants staying healthy and flourishing. The ground cover is going to take many months to fill out so do not be alarmed if it takes a long time. These Japanese Barberries will be 6 feet tall when full grown. They also will take a long time to reach such heights, just as trees do.

The finished product!
From the backyard,

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