Thursday, 17 July 2014

In the Know: Calling all nail biters!

Most of you probably know a nail biter or maybe you've been/are one yourself. In this post, I want to share with you the multiple reasons why it's not healthy for you. I realize that just reading a blog post about not doing something, probably won't make you stop but I'm just putting the facts out there. Maybe you do it when your nervous or anxious, maybe when you're alone or watching tv, well 'it' has a name. The official name for nail biting is Onychophagia and many people know they're are doing it but can't shake the urge. It's not likely that you'll need to see a professional but  at least now you know that it has name. Here are a few risks to be aware of next time you consciously or unconsciously do 'it'.

. Bacteria lives under you nails, so unless you're washing your hands before you chew, you're basically transmitting that bacteria right into your mouth!
. The nail is there to protect your fingers, when chewed down below the tip of the finger, hangnails form and can get infected, bleed and be extremely sore.
. You can damage your pearly whites and are at risk of gum disease.
. You can permanently damage your nail bed which can lead to a deformed nail bed or nails not growing back.
. In extreme cases you can develop deformed fingertips that can appear like a club, when the cuticles fill up with puss.
. If a conscious effort is never made to quit, it can lead to obsessive compulsive disorder.

Get a picture in your mind of healthy nails and daydream about that!
 Figure out the underlying issue and work on it everyday, tell someone you're trying to quit so that you have someone other than yourself to rely on. Try quitting one finger at a time or just keep playing in your head all of those risks and how awful it would be to get any of those.

This treatment has been known to help nail biters, Mavala stop. You can apply it over nail polish or on it's own. Don't wash your hands right after application and apply it ever 2 days for best results.

Once you've grown your nails out, they may be a bit weak until they've become used to growing, try this nail strengthener. It's created to condition the nail and in return making them stronger and replenishing them with the necessary nourishment.
find it at your local Sallys Beauty supply
With will power you can do this! Sorry I wasn't intending for this to become a motivational post. I've worked in the beauty industry for so many years and have seen people suffer with this and I just want to do whatever I can to educate people. I hope it's inspired you.

In the know

rae xo

biting nails image taken from Google

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