Thursday, 24 July 2014

In the Mirror: Filling in your brows

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful eyebrows, so when you're lacking the definition, fill them in! I put together a little tutorial of the steps that I use to achieve my everyday brows. Maybe you already fill in your brows, if so, maybe there's a little trick here that you haven't tried yet. I hope this inspires you to give it a try!

What you'll need:
Brow pencil in appropriate color. I use covergirl  in soft brown, brow pencil.
Colored wax or shadow. I use brow zing brow wax by benefit.
Concealer, I use erase paste by benefit.
Highlighter, I use high-brow by benefit
Brow brush
Concealer brush

1. Start with a clean dry face. I usually have to rub off my moisturizer because it makes my skin to slick
2.  Starting with the covergirl pencil, draw a clean line on the bottom, all the way to the tip. This line will be blended later so it's ok if it looks to bold. Try to always use a sharpened pencil, it will make a thinner line.
3. Starting in the middle, draw a line along the top and connect at the tip of the bottom line. Again, make it as bold as you like, blending comes next.
4. Blend the two lines together with a bristled brow brush
5. Apply browzing wax with a stiff angled brush and blend 
6. Apply concealer with a concealer brush along the edge of the brow, this will also help conceal any smudging and make everything pop.
You can also highlight the brow to make it more defined, I'm working on a tutorial for that, so stay tuned!

Below is a diagram of how to determine the right shaped brows for your face. You can do this with a pen or pencil. The point of reference is always the outside edge of your nostril. 

1. Place the pen or pencil at the edge of your nostril, straight up, this is where your brows should start.
2. Keeping the pen or pencil at your nostril, angle it toward the middle of your eyelid or iris of your eye, this is where your arch should be.
3. Now angle it toward the corner of your eyelid, this is where your brows should end.

Everyones nose and eyes are shaped differently so everyones brows are also going to be shaped differently. This is just to show you an easy way to remember. 

In the Mirror

rae xo 

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