Monday, 7 July 2014

In the Mirror: Hair removal, waxing, threading, shaving, creams

I have been waxing for years as a professional and also personally.  We would all like to be able to afford laser hair removal but the reality is, it's just not affordable. This post is about my hair removal regime. I will share with you my personal trials with body hair and my tips for removing it.

In my opinion it is the best and most cost effective way of removing hair from the brows, lip, underarms and bikini area. No one wants a mustache and having a smooth canvas for applying makeup and eyeshadow is key! Now I don't know about you but shaving your underarms every day is a huge pain in the butt... A few years ago a started waxing them and it's so wonderful not having that pesky task every morning in the shower. (note: you do have to grow your hair out in order for the hair to be pulled out so plan your wardrobe accordingly for a week or so). The bikini area... Sometimes you just wish that it was ok... but it's not!! arghh! Waxing it may be painful but it is sooooo worth it! 

 What to know before you go in for a wax:
 Look for a stylist that specializes in waxing, I don't recommend going to a nail salon to get your brows done...

Try to be makeup free. If you have a lot of makeup on it will be harder for your tech. to see the proper hairs to be removed.

Don't apply lotions to the bikini area or deodorant on your underarms, a clean slate is best. Oh, and pop a few aspirin, you'll probably need it...

Wear loose fitting clothes and don't plan any strenuous activity or anything that may make you sweat for at least 24 hours. Including, exercising, bike riding, sitting for a long period of time and yes... that too :)

Never try it at home! Trust me!

Now, waxing your legs is also an option but I find that if you didn't start it at a young age, the hair is thicker and coarse, not to mention the cost of waxing such a large area. I'm not sure why in the States that waxing your legs never became as popular as it did in Europe. It was never really an option (at least not in my family)... So every other day it's razor time! (less often in the winter of course) My favorite razor is Gillette for Women and I usually prefer conditioner over shaving gels or creams.

What to know before you shave:
Replace your razor every month if not more often, dead skin cells and hairs that get caught in between the blades, are screaming with bacteria.

Shave at the end of your shower, this will give the hair time to soften, making it easier to get a closer shave.

Exfoliate after you shave to release dead skin cells and help prevent ingrown hairs, then shave again...

Let pores close from the steam before applying lotion or oil. 

For my arm hair that never seems to stop growing, I like to use a cream hair removal, Veet is my favorite. I know that this isn't natural or organic and I usually like to stay with the more natural ways of doing things but lets face it, once you try it, you'll love it! I do it every couple of months and the hair returns soft and touchable.

What to know before you use creams:

Follow full instructions on the bottle, all brands are different...

Apply on dry skin, free of lotion. Keep cream thick, don't rub in and be sure not to exceed 10 min.

Remove with warm damp cloth, rubbing in the opposite direction of hair growth. Allways remove from the first arm that you applied to.

Hop in shower and rinse off residue with warm water.

To be honest, I don't know very much about threading... I know that people that get it done, swear by it... I personally have only had the sides of my face done and after the initial 2 day breakout (maybe my girl was a bit rough?), it grew out wonderful and I will definitely be doing it again. In retrospect, this is probably the most painful hair removal process I've encountered (yes more painful than a Brazilian). Unlike waxing, threading doesn't remove all the small hairs, just the majority of them, making it a seamlessly smooth transition from the sides of the face into the cheek bones. If you have super sensitive skin, I would recommend it.

What to know before threading:

Makeup free

Brace yourself

Wax your brows and lip, thread sides of face. Wax your underarms and bikini area, shave your legs. Veet your arms... Wow, when it's written like this, it sounds like I have body hair issues... Blame it on being in the beauty industry for almost 15 years...

In the Mirror

rae xo

Shaving and veet image, taken from google.



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