Thursday, 31 July 2014

In the Mirror: Highlight your brows

I have talked about this product a few times in recent posts and I wanted to share with you how to use it. You can find this lovely product at Benefit and hopefully you'll fall in love with it as I did:) Groomed brows make a huge difference in the end result of makeup, read this post to achieve the a perfect filled in brow. After I have filled in my brows, I always highlight them, this makes them more defined and brighter. Give your brows that extra pop!

This product is so simple to use and it's the last thing I apply. So, apply your shadow, mascara, liner etc. Then draw a thin line of high brow underneath your brow and gently blend it in.

Make sure that you don't rub too vigorously, use your gentle finger. The after may seem subtle but its a very natural addition to your makeup routine and I love it because it's matte and has no shimmer to it. 

You can use this product with or without filled in brows. In these photos, my brows are filled in, read my tutorial here.


In the Mirror

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