Monday, 14 July 2014

In the Mirror: Rice water toner

Rice water is said to be nourishing to the skin. It has been used by Japaneses women for centuries as a skin smoother and wrinkle reducer. It is said to help brighten the skin and reduce enlarged pores. It is high in antioxidants and skin protecting properties. If you have acne prone skin, rice water can help heal redness and sooth pain. It can also be used as a rinse on the hair to strengthen the hair shaft.

What you'll need:
organic brown rice 1/2 cup
water 1 cup
small pan
small strainer
small jar
What to do:

-rinse rice with cool water, to remove any impurities from packaging
-place water and rice in pan and turn the burner on low heat
-bring to a slight boil for 10min and remove from heat
-let cool and strain through the funnel into your small jar
-you can save the rice and continue boiling with more water and have it for dinner, no need to waste!

Now your ready to try your homemade rice water toner! Store in a cool place, I like to keep mine in the refrigerator, for a refreshing cool toner on my face.

-shake well before each use 
-pour a small amount onto a cotton round and sweep across cleansed skin, just like a toner 
-you can also use this mixture as a one time treatment, soak a cloth in the rice water and place on skin for 5-10 min, rinse with cool water
 -you can also use as a rinse on freshly washed hair (a larger quantity of water would need to be made for this)
-if kept cool, you can use it for up to a month.
In the Mirror

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