Tuesday, 8 July 2014

In the Know: Party Table!

A few weeks ago I had given you ladies some party decorating tips using things you could find around the house. While Raeganne was visiting me in London we decided to use these tips and create our own party lunch table using just things I had around my flat. We had a lot of fun putting this table together and we hope you enjoy it too!!!!! Lavender is everywhere here in England, so we decided to build the idea of our lunch table around lavender. We used lavender for decoration on the table and made lavender tea!!! There are so many great uses for lavender, I have some great ideas using lavender on the blog soon!!! 

Things we used:
- Triangle bunting I had made
- Glass bottles for centre piece
- Flower pot for bread basket
- Mason jars for drink glasses
- Grandmothers china for serving dishes
- Lavender plant for decoration
- Wooden clothes pins for name card holder

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