Thursday, 7 August 2014

In the Home: DIY Coffee Table

Unique coffee tables are hard to find so I was looking everywhere for something to scream out at me. Well, it just so happened to be next to the dumpster outside of my salon. This crate was used to ship optical equipment/machines to an optician at the eyewear store next door. It was in excellent condition and I immediately had a vision for it. I called my husband and basically begged him to let me bring it home, he gave in and a co-worker delivered it to me. (it wasn't possible to bring it on the train, although I've seen weirder things). Of course my husband couldn't see the same potential as I did and said it looked like a child's coffin, yikes!! So I crossed my fingers and got to work!
What we used:
Medium grain sandpaper
Dark walnut 
Paint brush

What we did:
Sanded it lightly inside and out
Removed wooden legs
Wiped it down
Staind it
Installed new legs

*Read all instructions on the stain can. You must wipe off stain with a clean cloth 5-10 min after applying it. It is very different than paint and is not made to stay on the wood and dry. A second coat will make the wood darker. Make sure and do this outside or in a well ventilated area and protect your floors and skin. Wood stain does not come off the skin easily so I would recommend plastic or latex gloves. Let dry for at least 24 hours before you bring it in.
We discussed putting industrial wheels on the bottom but decided to to with a modern metal leg. These were purchased on ebay, find similar here. You can probably find them at any hardware store. Make sure to buy the kind that you put the screws in yourself. Not the kind that come with a big screw at the top of the leg.
We filled ours with white beans and  vintage jars with paper flowers.
A friendly co-worker had this amazing piece of beveled glass in his garage, it fit perfect! You can order a customized piece and have it shipped to you, I found this place on ebay.

In the Home

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