Friday, 22 August 2014

In the Home: Hand Crafted Furniture

My husband and I purchased our home last year and since have been fortunate enough to receive some of the most beautiful handcrafted furniture from my very generous and talented Father- In- Law Terry. When making these pieces he customized the size to fit our space perfectly. I love the raw and modern look of the birch wood he chose. Each piece was hand selected showcasing the unique design within the grains of wood. The buffet was left hollow on the back to showcase the beautiful wall color behind it. There are drawers for linens and for dish storage. I collect a lot of antique glass and this buffet allows me to showcase my favorite pieces. My husband Nathan and my Sister-In-Law Simone helped with the finishing touches. The whole Cook family; Sharon, Terry, Simone, and even Rocky the dog came to deliver this one of a kind buffet. We went to Lowes to choose our hardware for the drawers. We went with brushed stainless steel hardware. I love that our dining room is a mix of modern, rustic, and retro. Be creative with your style and mix and match for a more interesting textural look. For example the custom buffet while raw is still a very modern piece that houses vintage glassware. Another fun element is the modern simple light fixture above the rustic harvest table in the center of the room. If you have the opportunity to have a handcrafted piece of furniture in your home go for it! Consider mixing different styles to make for a more interesting interior.

Our other piece is a custom record shelf for my husbands extensive vinyl collection in his studio. It is made of the same birch wood. The clean lines and raw grain of the wood go beautifully in his studio. It is so difficult to find a well designed quality record shelf these days so this was a real blessing! We looked high and low and had given up on finding one when Terry offered to build one for us. This was such an exciting moment for us and now our home is filled with pieces that have real meaning to our family.

From the Harvest Table,

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