Saturday, 2 August 2014

In the Home: Lavender Linen Spray

There is nothing like the fresh smell of lavender. It's such a soothing smell. Lavender is very popular here in the UK. You literally can find it anywhere!!!! I'm so lucky to have three lavender plants in my garden. When it comes to home fragrance, I want a very natural smell, so lavender is perfect for this. I've created a lavender linen spray to keep your house smelling lovely and natural. 

What you need:

fresh lavender
boiled water
glass bottle (preferably a dark one)
spray nozzle

1. First off, if you can pick up a lavender plant. Pick some fresh lavender from the plant and stick it in a pan on the stove.

2. Next on a low heat pour in water with the lavender and let it simmer for a little bit. 

3. Add in some fresh squeeze lemon juice. 

4. Keep stirring for a little bit to mix all the ingredients together

5. Drain the liquid through a strainer to get out the lemon pulp. Make sure a strain this into a container. Repeat this a couple of times. You want to make sure the pulp is completely out as the lemon pulp will clog your spray bottle.

6. Once you have strainer your liquid pour it into a spray bottle or glass bottle with a spray lid.

7. Ready to use for your house! 

kelly xx

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