Thursday, 28 August 2014

In the Home: Plant a seed

Hi all!! Coming at you today with a fun little project I've had going on for about 2 years now. One morning while eating my usual morning fruit (grapefruit) I found a very unusual seed. The seed had sprouted and was growing inside the grapefruit. While some of you might be thinking that the fruit was rotten but it was very much so ripe and delicious! I couldn't pass up this great opportunity to grow my very own grapefruit plant.
 Living in a highrise in Chicago has put a few limitations on my love for gardening (just a few) but it hasn't stopped me from having multiple plants all over our condo. I pressed a little hole in the base of one of our larger plants and planted that little seed down into the soil (along with a lemon, orange and apple seed). Within a few weeks, little sprouts were coming up! Once the plants were a few inches high, I transported them into a medium size pot and added soil. Incase you were wondering, the lemon and apple didn't make it but the orange is going strong:)

If you love plants and eat a lot of fruit, then you have a very affordable way to fill your house with lovely green foliage:)

Note: The chances of these plants actually producing fruit are slim to none:/ Don't quote me on this but I think you have to take a clipping and roots from an already fruit bearing tree/plant to have a chance of that...  My parents have one that we planted when we were kids and it is now over 6 feet tall! It's a beautiful indoor potted tree, it has bloomed but has never produced any fruit... It may have to do with the climate in Missouri... If anyone has any insight or further info on this, I would love to hear!!

In the Home
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