Friday, 29 August 2014

In the Kitchen: Peach Oatmeal

Need something comforting and healthy for breakfast? Try a warm bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh peaches and ground flaxseed. I love making this oatmeal using the same base while trying a variety of different toppings. Adding ground flaxseeds will provide you with a great texture and nutty flavor, while also giving you all the omega-3 you need for your day. This recipe can be made vegan and that is how I prefer mine. So grab a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this healthy hot breakfast treat!  

What you will need
One ripe peach
1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal
1 cup of almond milk 
2 tbsp of good quality Cinnamon (I like Chinese or Vietnamese Cinnamon) 
Agave Nectar or Honey to taste 
1/4 cup golden raisins 
2 tbsp ground flaxseeds 


  1. Heat milk on the stove till it boils gently. Add oats, raisins, and cinnamon. Turn heat to medium. Meanwhile chop one ripe peach into chunks. 
  2. Stir oats frequently until thickened to your liking. I like to cook mine for around 4 minutes. 
  3. Stir in agave nectar or honey 
  4. Remove from heat and place in a bowl. Top with peaches and ground flaxseed. 
  5. Enjoy! 
From the Harvest Table

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