Monday, 4 August 2014

In the Mirror: How to get the best curls

I rarely wear my hair curly but when I do-I'm constantly asked "How do you make your hair like that?"
Well for starters, you need to have a little natural wave in your hair. For all those natural wavy haired girls out there, this is for you! Whether you want to start wearing your hair natural or you're trying to give it a break from heat damage, these steps should help you achieve your best curls. Sometimes when curls are constantly manipulated and straightened out,  this may take a few times until your hair gets back into the groove of curling up.  So, if you usually blow-out your hair or flat iron it, be patient, your curls might be a bit inconsistent at first but they're never gone forever. When you're preparing to wear your hair curly, make sure you have some time, leaving the house before your curls are formed or too wet, can result in a crazy frizzy mess!

The tools you'll need:
Wide tooth comb
Old T'shirt
1-2 sheets of paper towel
Curling products (see my list below)
Time and patience :)

1.While you're in the shower (after you've rinsed out your conditioner), comb your hair with the wide tooth comb in the direction that you want it to lay (side part, middle part etc.), it doesn't have to be perfect. Now put that comb down, because it won't be going through your hair again. 
2. Lightly scrunch/squeeze the water out of your hair, careful not to twist or pull.
3. Now, this is the crucial part of the whole process! Don't reach for your towel! Grab your T'shirt!
Why a T'shirt, you ask? Well, a bath towel has fibers or loops of fabric that can separate and frizz your curls. Simply put, towels, rough up your hair. You may be going for a volumized look, but frizzing and separating the curls comes later (after it's dry).  

4. So, start with your head flipped over and gently grab hair with the T'shirt and scrunch/squeeze in an upward motion. 
5. Now with your head upright and hair flipped to one side, continue squeezing water from hair. Utilize all the dry spots on the T'shirt to optimize full absorption. You can carefully flip hair to the other side and repeat.
6. Now for that paper towel. This little guy will absorb the rest of the moisture on the curls. Gently scrunch and squeeze in the same way you did with the T'shirt. You can even place at the scalp to absorb water there (which will ensure more volume).
7. Now that most of the water is out, on to the product. Spray in your leave-in-conditioner or curl spray, scrunching it in as you spray. Make sure and cover the whole head for even distribution, You don't want any frizzing up later.
8. Air dry and be patient. Try not to rough up the curls while changing. Just let it sit, and do what its going to do. You can repeat the paper towel step if you feel like there's still some moisture in it. I don't recommend hitting it with the hair dryer unless you have a diffuser attachment. Air drying, always works best for me.
9. Lift hair and spray hair spray at the base of the hair, then rub it in with your fingers in a circular motion. Repeat this all over the top of your head (this is the part where you can rough it up a bit, because it's dry). You can even lightly tease or backcomb the hair, if you want even more lift.
10. Spray the rest of the curls to set and control your style. 

If you want to rock your curls for a second or third day, re-wet the ends of your hair and repeat steps 4-10. Don't brush! Apply a little dry shampoo for added volume.
These are the products that I use and recommend:
It's a 10 leave in conditioner
Chi magnified volume finishing spray  or any hair spray. The smell of this is very lovely:)

Rock'em! By the end of the day, I usually pull my hair in a loose side pony, keep it messy for a fun festival look. 

In the Mirror: Curl edition

rae xo

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