Tuesday, 30 September 2014

In the Armoire: Coats of Many Colors

Can you believe it's almost October????? Where did the year go? I will say though I am super excited about Autumn! It is my favorite season. I picture myself walking out into my garden with a nice big cuppa, watching the beautiful vibrant leaves fall slowly to the ground while breathing in the nice crisp air, it's beautiful! But with a chill in the air this means a coat is a necessity and not just any coat, a spectacular looking coat! With so many choices out there it's hard to know where to start. My advice, by a good quality coat that is timeless. There is nothing better than purchasing a coat you know will last you season after season while still looking brand new. Find a coat that suits your style. It's good to follow trends, but what's the point of spending money on a coat you won't want to wear next season. If you want a couple of coats for this season, then buy one nice classic coat and then walk yourself to Zara or H&M and get yourself a fun statement piece! 

Here are some amazing coats to get your coat search started! Happy coat shopping!!!!

Kelly xx

Coats of Many Colors

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