Tuesday, 16 September 2014

In the Know: Starved rock hiking adventure

The hubby and I went on a little anniversary (2years) trip last week to Starved Rock. Starved Rock is a state park in Illinois about an 1 1/2 from Chicago. Since moving to Chicago, I've struggled with the lack of hills and nature. Most of Illinois is flat corn fields, so when we found out about hiking, we jumped on the opportunity! Being a Missouri girl at heart and growing up hiking, camping, caving etc. I was craving some real nature and Starved Rock didn't disappoint! If you're in the Chicago area, I highly recommend taking a weekend trip or even a day trip to this beautiful park. Although some of it can be a bit touristy at the beginning of the trails, venture on and enjoy the amazing waterfalls and canyons. The waterfalls were a bit dry when we were there but Spring time I'm sure they're rushing! Bonus: when you finish hiking, there's a great little resto at the lodge to enjoy some yummy bites and drinks! We stayed at the lodge for the night and hiked more the next day. There are also adorable little cabins that can be rented for groups :)

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