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In the Mirror: Best cuts for your face shape

Have you have ever gone to the salon and wondered what cut would be best for your face shape? Do you even know what face shape you have? You may have a face shape that is in between two shapes, therefore, you can get away with more... Well, I hope this will help give you some ideas, if you haven't already tried them. Please keep in mind that these are just the written rules and all of them can be broken. The biggest exception to any rule is 'if you can rock it with confidence, then rock it'! I love to break rules, when it comes to styles and in past years have tried some good ones and bad ones... Lets just say my style dictionary is pretty full but lately, my hair has been more on the subtle side.  I have compiled some pics of celebrities because, well... thier pics are very easy to find and lets face it, they have fabulous hair :) I wanted to give you a good assortment of styles so I categorized them into: Short hair, Medium length hair and Long hair. 

Please note: These styles are all dependant upon your texture and thickness of hair. Ask your stylist what would work best with your type of hair and face shape.

Round Face

This face shape is usually as wide as it is long. 
Best styles:
Voluminous lob
Tapered Pixie
Long, barely there layers
Long choppy bangs
Side-swept bangs
You want to avoid super blunt cuts and flat hairstyles. Adding height on top of your head can give the appearance of a longer face.

Oval Face
This face shape is usually long and narrow at the jaw.
Best styles:
Boho waves
Face framing layers
Curved bangs
Long layered curls
Shoulder-length waves
You want to avoid shag cuts, short layers on the top can make the face appear longer. Add fullness to the sides of face by pulling layers away from face.

Square face
This face shape usually has a prominent jawline and wide forehead.
Best styles:
Angled bob
Asymmetrical layers
Eye-skimming bangs
Long layers
Off-center part
Voluminous bob
You want to avoid one-length bob and wide, blunt bangs. Blunt heavy bangs will only highlight your angular features. 

Heart face
This face shape usually has a wider forehead and a narrow jaw and chin.
Best styles:
Wispy bangs
Bouncy bob
Deep side part
Face framing layers
Loose waves
Sleek crop
You want to avoid blunt-cut bangs and choppy, blunt layers. 

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