Thursday, 11 September 2014

In the Mirror: How to use a "curling iron" like a "curling wand"

This style is a very soft touchable wave or as I like to call an 'S' wave because it doesn't really have the shape of a curl. In this tutorial I'm showing you how you can use your curling iron as a wand and achieve the same kind of wave without having 2 tools. I'm using a 1' curling iron and wrapping large sections to make a very loose undone wave.
Start with a warm iron set at a medium to hot temperature (depending on condition of hair, safe temperatures may vary).
Spray a heat protectant on hair or apply an oil or serum, to protect hair against heat damage. Moroccan oil is my favorite!

1.Section the hair off, start from the bottom up (this part doesn't have to be perfect, it's just to help you from getting too overwhelmed with all the hair to curl)
2.Place the curling iron straight up and down and place hair in front of iron
3.Wrap hair back and coil it around the iron, leave the ends out for an undone bohemian wave. Continue on the other side. Hold the hair on iron for about 10-12 seconds
4.Bring down front and top sections and continue wrapping hair away from face. 
5. Always remember to start with the hair in front of the iron and wrap 'back'. Wrapping it forward will just give you a whole different look (tutorial to come).
6.Spray waves and separate them by gently running fingers through hair. Massage your head with the tips of your fingers to add volume and soften the waves.

In the Mirror
rae xo

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