Thursday, 16 October 2014

For the little ones in your life

Ok, so these are the cutest iron-ons I've ever seen! I found this adorable booklet of iron-ons by Julia Rothman at Paper Source over a year ago. I made a few gifts for friends with them but never got around to documenting them. One of my dear friends from college is having a baby very soon and I wanted to give her something unique and personalized. I know young mothers love to dress their babies in the cutest 'it' fashion but when it comes to baby clothes... well they grow out of them quickly and are easily destroyed by spit-ups and accidents... Since onesies are probably the go to for most mommies, I wanted to make them extra cute! They could even be cut off into little 'T's later and worn with little leggings or a high waisted skirt... just sayin! Anyway, they are super easy to apply and Julie Rothman has so many cute designs to choose from for little girls and boys!
I bought a 3 pack of  Gerber onesies and chose my fave designs. The instructions suggest to use the hottest setting on your iron and apply 'all your wait pressure', let cool and remove paper backing in one swift motion... I had one issue with one of the flowers but I don't think I applied pressure long enough (she suggests 90 seconds).
These are the written washing suggestions in the booklet, I just made a cute little tag to go along with the gift.

I bought theses shoes for her at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago byMindy designs adorable little shoes and booties for boys and girls and she designs her own fabrics! Be sure to check her out on etsy! I just couldn't resist them!


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  1. For really cute baby booties using vintage and up cycled materials check out VintageMintChic on etsy.