Wednesday, 15 October 2014

In the Home: Crafting with Gourds

My mom and I decided to try our hand at a fun fall craft with gourds. This project was so simple and could be altered to fit your home decor. Plus you can decorate with these for years to come. We chose to stain the gourds with wood stain to give them a nice warm and natural fall look. You could also paint them with acrylic paint or spray paint as well if you want pops of color. 

What you will need

Minwax Poly Shades wood stain of choice (we chose two shades, one glossy and one matte)
Medium size foam wedge brush 
Latex or non latex gloves
A 3M Pro Grade sanding sponge
Lots of news paper
plastic bags to lay under newspaper 
an old rag or towel 
Mineral Spirits

  1. Sand gourds outside with a large sanding sponge until smooth and wipe clean with a soft towel or cloth.
  2. Lay paper bags down on your table and then lay newspaper over them to ensure no stain bleeds through onto your table. You could also do this outside if you prefer. Open a window for ventilation if you do this indoors. 
  3. Put on gloves and open wood stain can and stir well. Hold gourd at the top and begin brushing wood stain onto gourds with your sponge wedge brush in long smooth stokes until the desired color is reached. Smooth with an old towel or rag to remove excess stain or drips. You may want to let gourds dry for a few minutes and then apply more stain to get a richer color. 
  4. Set on newspaper to dry for a day or two. 
  5. Decorate! 

Happy Autumn from the Harvest Table!

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